Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Decor

Hey all!! Happy December! As you all know its gonna be rather chili outside for the next few days so.. I found some SUPER cute crafts to do with and without the kiddos to spruce up your home this holiday season! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!!
                                                          Love, Your CC Blogger


Make colorful glass ornaments using pieces of crayon inside. And heating it from the outside with a blow dryer.:         6 Popsicle stick Christmas ornaments you can make with your kids:

Need an easy DIY Christmas craft project for kids this year? Repurpose some mason jar lid rings / bands by creating adorable "wreath" ornaments to hang on the tree! A simple repurpose / upcycle project that would make for a sweet gift...or keep them yourself for your tree! Or even attach to a wrapped present! #SadieSeasongoods /     Get extra festive this holiday with these creative and DIY peppermint ornaments. Plus, use Reynolds® Cookie Baking Sheets so you can save time on cleanup//:      Salt Dough Santa Handprint | 20+ DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make:


Around this time of year finding wood, sticks and branches outside is an easy task with all of the trees having shed their leaves - but what's even better is how they can be used to transform your...:     2x4 snowman measurments:  


Top 38 Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Crafts Kids Can Make:    DIY Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Craft Ideas For Kids - Crafty Morning:    kids christmas finger painting | hand and foot finger painting | Pinkie for Pink: Kids ... | kids:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gobble.. Gobble

Hello! Sorry I missed ya last week! Life has been CRAZY! Any how... I got my assignment for thanksgiving dinner today! I was thinking pie, rolls, chips.. You know.. Food.. What I got was a game for the kids??! So.. After work, kids, homework and whatever else I need to do this week I also have to come up with a fun game for the kiddos! Thank GOODNESS for pintrest!  Just in case any of you need games/ activities for your little's this thanksgiving I found some ideas we could all use! I threw in some food ideas too! Enjoy! Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving and 4 day weekend!! See ya'll next week! P.S- If any of you are looking for Christmas music on the radio its on channel 100.3!

Entertain the kids while you're in the kitchen with a fun and easy Thanksgiving Game: Turkey Bowling!:               Stuff the Turkey Game. Perfect for preschool or elementary school Thanksgiving parties! This is so easy to make, and the kids have a blast stuffing the turkey! -                FREE printable Thanksgiving Bingo game || Gift of Curiosity:

         Create a healthy fruit platter for Thanksgiving in the shape of a turkey using a pear, grapes, apples, bananas, and chocolate covered raisins!:      Adorable Turkey veggie tray & dip layout. Gobble till you wobble!  Thanksgiving veggie tray:    Turkey Treat Bags With Printable Tags. Put any candy or fun goodies inside these cute bags to give out to friends and family on Thanksgiving:

Friday, November 11, 2016

November Bucket List

Hey all! I was sitting here last night thinking about what I wanted to do with my kiddos this weekend when it hit me, we only have a few more good weather weekends to play, get stuff done, whatever. So.. Outside it is! I have made a list of some fun ideas of things to do with your fams, pick one or two and enjoy! P.S- We would LOVE to see pictures of your fun family outing! See ya Monday!
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1- So.. This one is indoors but.. buy the time everyone gets home from work its almost dark anyways so why not go watch the weber state men's basketball game tonight! Its a fun and cheap way to get out of the house with your family! The kids LOVE it and the team LOVES the support!
2- Go on a hike! Check out the leaves, find some rocks or pinecones. My littles LOVE to go and explore different places and you can get some pretty cute pictures! Here's a list of hikes in Ogden you could check out!


Birdsong Trail 
Ogden River Parkway

The 10 Best Fall Hiking Trails in the U.S.: Moderate                                                                            


3- This one isn't as fun but.. Sometimes that's the case! Do some yardwork. Pull weeds, Mow the lawn, Clean the garage or even put up some Christmas lights while its not snowing! At the end reward yourselves with a night by the fire. Make some hot dogs and roast some marshmallows.
Jumping in a pile of leaves! Fall isn't complete without doing this with the grandkids!!: 4- My kids FAVORITE fall activity... Jump in the leaves!! Its really two birds with one stones kind of a thing! You get your leaves raked up and your kids are happy! Now that is a double whammy!
Summer is THE perfect time for bonfires. Check out how to throw the best one yet!:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hey guys! For some people November means a number of different things.. No shave November, Football, Food, Shopping etc.. For me it means most of those things and some! Above all it means gratitude. I know I should be grateful everyday,365 days a year but.. I'm not perfect so before the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I like to remind myself of everything and everyone I'm thankful for. Last year I tried to involve my family however I wasn't very committed which means I wasn't very successful. If you know me then you know that failing isn't an easy thing for me to handle. So.. this year I'm making a priority for my family to participate in the 30 days of November challenge. What that means is everyday whether it be morning or night I will sit down with my family and we will all take turns saying what we're grateful for. My hope at the end of this challenge is that my family can be humbled by how blessed we really are! I realize we are a few days into November, better late then never though right?! Now my challenge for my favorite families. In these next few weeks take a few minutes out of everyday to sit with your family. Talk about your days good or bad and before you finish take turns saying what your grateful for. Hopefully come thanksgiving we will have witnessed a change in the hearts and attitudes in our homes and we will be able to celebrate thanksgiving for what it really is. Here are a few ideas for the challenge, I hope you can find one that will work out for you and your family! Till next time...
                                               Love, Your CC Blogger

Friday, October 28, 2016

Family Night

Hey all! Before I get to my LAST Halloween post of the year.. I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to the staff and families at both center's for the AWESOME nights we had this week! They were a great success because of all the support!
Now.. Lets get to our Halloween ideas! If you're looking for some d├ęcor, dinner or spooky music ideas before the trick or treating look no further! Here are some ideas your kiddos are sure to love! Have a fun Halloween and remember to be safe!!
        Love, Your CC Blogger
Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas - Cute, Quick, & Easy! The perfect dinner for Halloween Night! by Florassippi Girl:   Spooktacular Eats: 20 Fun Halloween Dinner Ideas:     Stuffed peppers with shredded chicken, black beans and Mexican rice. Great for a Halloween dinner. Recipe at   9 Cute Halloween Dinner Ideas (not gross or scary!):    

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Hey family! So.. October has been FLYING by and its already UEA!! That means most but not all of our kids are out of school Thursday and Friday this week! If you're like me and you are looking for a family weekend activity you've come to the right place! I have found some fun things to do! Now.. The weather man says its going to be a nice 4 day weekend but.. Utah changes weather like a baby changes diapers so I have planned some indoor and outdoor activities! Along with this list I have a challenge, if you do any of these activities post some pictures! Let us know what ya liked/ disliked if what you did was worth the money and or headache! We love to see pics of our favorite families having fun! Enjoy the list and I'll catch ya next week!

Salt Lake and Surrounding Areas

Thanksgiving point: Cornbelly's and Scarecrow festival

Gardner Village: Wee Witches Weekend

Hogle Zoo: Boo Lights

This is the place: Little Haunts

Black Island Farms

Ogden and Surrounding Areas

Dinosaur Park: Halloween Carnival

Tree House Museum: Enchanted Woods

Trout Farm: Corn Maze

The Corn Maze: Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Bucket List (Free Printable) : The Chirping Moms.  Print this list & check off the fun and easy activities to do with your family as you count down towards Halloween!:  Free downloadable Halloween games for your Halloween party including costume hunt, scavenger hunt, scary movie trivia, a photo contest.:  24 Family Halloween Movies! #halloween:

Free Halloween Bingo boards | Perfect for families, room moms and party planners! {} This game is so fun at a class party!:   Disney pumpkin stencils: Over 130 printable pumpkin patterns for Halloween:

Friday, October 14, 2016

DIY Costumes

Hey all! Tis the season for dressing up, candy, and kids that cant decide what they want to be for Halloween! Now if you're anything like me you have so much anxiety to make or buy the best costume for your kiddo, something that they'll love and you can keep in a decent price range! Well thank goodness for pintrest cause I have found some pretty dang cute DIY costumes that can be done easily and for a decent cost! Enjoy!

Best Halloween costumes for kids, DIY kids costumes, easy kids costumes to make, adorable and cute Halloween costumes for toddlers and infants, Halloween party ideas, , Clark Kent baby costume:      30 Incredibly Awesome Yet Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Kids:

65 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids - #Goodwill is your #Halloween Costume Headquarters!             Creative Mom and Kid Halloween Costumes - Rainbow and Cloud:           Look at these cute DIY Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes.  They are perfect for siblings (especially twins) on Dr. Seuss Day or Halloween.  Find instructions on Mission: to Save:

20 DIY Kids' Halloween Costumes That Will Put Yours To Shame. Damn You Pinterest:               DIY Baby Costumes are all the rage:

Monday, October 3, 2016

Stranger Danger

Hey family! With Halloween and other fall festivities just around the corner I thought what better time than now to talk to our kids about stranger danger and safety in numbers! My kids LOVE to walk home from school and church with their friends! They think its so cool! My son also thinks he's old enough to go trick or treating with his friends and no adult! Letting my kids do those things gives me total heartburn! until now.. I have found some awesome tips and lessons on how to teach our kids about strangers without scaring them!  We now are going to have a family night based on those lessons! Will  I still worry? ALWAYS! But I'm hoping that after talking to and teaching them I'll less worry and more confidence! Trick or Treating alone is still a no but.. the others are ok by me!  Hope you guys find this just as useful as I did!  Stay Safe Friends

this illustrates that those who have badges or who are cops are 'safe.' If you look at the man in the middle section-he is wearing a trench coat-a tale sign of a true thief.:

- Exactly What is the Very Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Gadget To Carry? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT...   what is a thumbnail:  what is a safe stranger:   Halloween Safety tips for your trick-or-treating adventures! {free printable download} | Cardstore Blog: Are you a safe Trick or Treater? kids rules halloween trick or treat safety: