Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey CC Family!! As most of you know our Pre-k and Kindergarten graduations are coming up next week and if your kids are anything like mine it's a pretty dang big deal!! So.. Naturally they expect gifts on their bi day! now, my sweet in laws have the cutest tradition where they each pick a cute book and write a personalized msg for the little graduate. I personally LOVE that because its something they can keep forever! Last year I gave my little graduate some flowers and a candy ley for her graduation ceremony, it was SUPER cute but I got to thinking, with the money I spent to make that I could have gotten her something meaningful that she could keep and look back on later. ( I know how boring) I started my search and came up with some pretty dang cute ideas for not only my little graduate but also things I may start for the other kids in my life as well! Hope you enjoy these! See ya at graduation!!

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Class of 2029 shirt,kindergarten T shirt,first day of school photo prop,preschool graduation gift, high school graduation year,grow years by ElainesCrafts on Etsy:         Oh, the Places You’ll Go signed every year by your child’s teacher. | 26 Incredibly Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Your Kids:                Great for grand kids, too! Put a few 20 dollars bills in the album a year and give it to your child as a graduation gift. That way you dont drain your bank account as graduation gets closer, you have already started saving for it since the birth! I LOVE this idea although I'm already a little behind!:

To Help Your Kids:   Super schönes Abschiedsgeschenk für den Kindergarten, Kita oder eine liebe Lehrerin. Die Kinder aus der Gruppe zeigen, was sie später mal werden wollen. #Geschenkidee #Kita #Abschied:      Just ask your child every year!

last day of school...holding a picture of the first day of school.  What a good idea!:  Again you would do this every year! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mother's Day!!

Sentimental Mother's Day Quotes | Gift Ideas for Mom by DIY Ready at


Ok dads... This one is for you! Ladies if your hubbies, boyfriends, or significant others don't check out my blog on there own accord, well... tell them that's rude and help them find their way! You'll want them to see this!  As you all know Mother's day is LITTERALLY right around the corner an as a mother of three I know that even though motherhood is by far the most rewarding job you can have, its also by far the HARDEST and most DEMANDING job you can have all at the same time! Maybe being a mom myself makes me biased but.. That's ok! So  for those that need a little push in the right direction, here's a few ideas that I think are SUPER cute ways to tell mom how much you love and appreciate her!! If you try any of these or any other cute ideas post the pic of your gift and your special momma! The best one gets a prize! (By best I mean I will put all the names of those that share in a hat and draw at random!) HAHA! TooTaLoo!      
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Mother's Day Gift Idea   Spa Gift Basket.:

        Cute Mother's Day Gift Idea:
Mother's Day Crafts: Make a "Jar of Love" for Mom! Great last minute gift for Mom:


Did this for Mom for mothers day.  I got wooden letters and painted them, then took photos and got them framed.  I plan on doing it every few years as the kids grow up.  Hint only buy one M.  Or one D if your doing it for Dad.  Wooden letters can be found here:  :

 This Mother's Day paper bag book is the perfect gift for students to make for their moms! It's cute, simple and features the students' writing and drawing!: /


Monday, May 2, 2016

TeAcHeR ApPrEcIaTiOn

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. I just love this teacher's quote! This would be a great quote to place on your classroom door! :): Hello there CC family!! Super fun week this week! Its teacher appreciation!! If you're anything like me, this task can get a little overwhelming! Tying to find the perfect gift that says how much we appreciate them, without breaking the bank can be a hard task! So... I hit up pintrest and found some SUPER cute ideas that can be done at a fare cost!
As you prepare your gift for your special teacher remember that whether you have 1 teacher or 3. A toddler or a 6th grader at any age our children are being taught by a wonderful person!  Whether they teach at our center or in an elementary school. One thing I know is for sure is a teacher is the only person that's losing sleep over other peoples children!
I hope these ideas help! I know I'm using a few of them!
Love, Your CC Blogger

RedBox Teacher Appreciation Printable:          Friday Inspiration: Teacher Appreciation Week!:       

eighteen25: I Have To Ad-Mitt You're a Sweet Teacher:            Practical Teacher Appreciation Gifts- fun gift ideas that teachers will actually USE!!! www.TheDatingDiva...