Thursday, July 13, 2017

20 Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Hello there!  

I hope your children are staying cool at the pool or even running through sprinklers, I know we have been over here!  Is it just me or does it seem like kids want to eat more in the summer?  We are always on the go and I feel like I am scrounging to find something to give my son to eat before we are off the next activity.  Well, the snacks we give our children don't have to be full of sugar, fat and empty calories (like I find most packaged and quick snacks to be). We can offer them something so much better!  

Here is a list of some healthy, easy to make snacks for kids (and parents too!) These quick "go-to" ideas are bound to help busy moms and dads like you and me develop healthy snacking habits in our kids.  So, here you go!

20 Healthy Summer Snacks:  

1.  Jazzed Up Rice Cakes

Add some peanut butter and bananas to your rice cakes!  

2.  Quesadillas 

Make these with whole grain tortillas, cheese, chicken and beans. I recommend going heavy on the beans, light on the cheese.

3.  Real Fruit Popsicles 

Use a popsicle mold or even a plastic or paper cup.  Fill it with 100% juice from concentrate, water and chopped pieces of your child's favorite fruit.  Stick a popsicle stick in it and let freeze!

4.  Fresh Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Pick your child's favorite fruits and make these super easy kabobs.  Make it even more fun by using cookie cutters to cut cheese into fun shapes.

5.  Cottage Cheese Bowl

Just 1/2 cup cottage cheese with dried apricot "scoops" or fresh apricots are even better!

6.  Whole Grain Cereal & Fresh Fruit

Keep it simple! Whole Grain Cheerios or Mini Wheats don't just have to be for breakfast.

7.  Green Rolls-ups

Wrap some meat and cheese in some lettuce and snack away!

8.  Frogs on a Log or Ants on a Log

Frogs on a Log- celery, cream cheese & sliced green olives. 
Ants on a Log- celery, peanut butter & raisins.

9.  Homemade Trail Mix

Mix dry roasted peanuts or almonds, whole grain mini pretzels, banana chips & diced apricots or raisins for a nutritious trail mix...and then head to the trails, why not?

10.  Salsa and avocado slices.

This one is just that simple.

11.  Frozen Grapes

Stick some grapes in the freezer and you have a great alternative for slush.  It's kind of nature's version of dippin' dots just a little (or a lot) bigger.  Your kids (and you) will love it!

12.  Air Pop Popcorn 

Make an activity out of snack time and let your kids watch you air pop some good ol' fashioned popcorn!  Skip the butter and sugar and just add some spices from your spice rack to jazz it up a bit. Get creative!

13.  Veggies & Dip

Mix some plain yogurt with ranch dip mix and dip your veggies in it.  Don't forget about broccoli --dinosaur trees ;) and cauliflower.  Your veggies don't always have to be carrots and celery!

14.  Graham Cracker Pizza

Did I hear pizza??  Yep!  Graham cracker pizza that is.  Get out those graham crackers and spread some cream cheese and sprinkle some fruit fruit on top.  Bon Apetito!

15.  Summer Smoothies

This is my go to and my most favorite from the list! I love how creative you can get with smoothies and you can even sneak things in that are healthy for the kids that they normally won't eat, like spinach!  Start with a base of nonfat yogurt or milk, add any frozen or fresh fruit, honey, ice (spinach if you are feeling brave) and...viola!  

16.  Petite Pitas 

All there is to it is eggs and salsa put into a whole grain pita!

17.  Veggies and Hummus

Refer to #13 for my suggestion on veggie choice! Oh, and might I add that sliced peppers are delicious in hummus.  Hummus is at your local grocery store or you can make your own! It is truly a delicious and healthy snack. Your kids will be eating beans and therefore getting protein without even knowing it. That is a win in my book!

18.  Frozen Banana Popsicle 

Put a peeled banana on a popsicle stick, freeze and you got a healthy popsicle.  Add some dark chocolate and nuts or frozen fruit to jazz it up a bit!

19.  Ham & Cheese Roll-ups 

Ham, cheese, lettuce and whole wheat tortilla all wrapped up!

20.  Apple Cupcakes

Slice an apple in half, on the flat side spread some peanut/almond butter and sprinkle dried fruit or even dark chocolate chips on top.


**Bonus Summer Snack: NICE CREAM!

This one is too good I couldn't leave it off the list so we will call it a bonus!  Get some very ripe frozen bananas, put in a blender and you will have the BEST, healthiest and sweetest ice cream.  Yep, no sugar or dairy added.  I am going to go make some right now!

I hope you find this list helpful!  What healthy summer snacks do you feed your children? We would love to know!