Thursday, April 21, 2016

Utah's ShakeOut

Today was a super eventful/ educational day for us here at the center! We participated in the 2016
Utah ShakeOut! For those that don't know what this is, its the annual state wide earthquake drill!
Our kiddos learned not only what an earthquake is but what to do and where to go after! Yes even our infant and toddler rooms participated in this event! I don't want to brag but.. We were able to get our whole center evacuated in our meeting spot with NO issues! The kids loved learning and talking about this drill so ask your little what they thought! This had me thinking once again my family doesn't have an earthquake plan, we actually probably wouldn't even know what to do in case of an earthquake! If you're  like me then these tips will help you! Our center encourages all of our families to make emergency disaster plans! Even if you're not convinced of the likely hood of the situations, talk about them with your family. Try and be as prepared as you can!  Until next time, happy preparing! Love, your CC Blogger

The Great Utah ShakeOut   This website had great info!

How to Prepare for an Earthquake, Earthquake Safety Tips, Safety at Home,  earthquake for kids, prevention methods earthquake, evacuation procedures.  For ,more see site :-

  I found earthquake coloring sheets on google, they will be good to use while trying to teach the younger kids!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

ApRiL sHoWeRs

The weather man's calling for a rainy next few days! You know what they say, Aprils showers brings may... Boredom! Ok I'm the only one that says that but I feel like its pretty accurate! Especially in my house! For those of you that feel a headache coming on from your bored kids, this one's for you! Hopefully you will find some good use of this!

 Rainy Daze activity sticks. 30 ideas for your kiddos to do on a rainy day... or snowy day... or any time!:                    target golf what a great indoor activity for kids!:

Make simple popsicle stick catapults for fun play at home. Popsicle stick catapults are a great STEM activity and boredom buster on bad weather days!                   Great activity for a snow day or as a fun theme in the classroom -- ideas for books & activities for camping fun!