Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer School

Hey all! So.. I know school has only been out for a week but I have already been racking my brain trying to come up with ways to keep my kids progressing in school work as well as let them enjoy their summer! I know from experience that the summer time can be detrimental for education, especially for kids going from kinder to first grade!  I don't know about any of your families but in mine homework is quite the chore during the school year! So how I was going to require reading, writing and math daily this summer was beyond me. However, I'm happy to say I think that I have found some fun tips and tricks on how to accomplish this task! Hopefully some of you can and will use some of these ideas as well!  If not.. I'm proud to say that our center will fulfill some of these tips for them! Let me know what works for your little's and if I can do anything to help!
                                                  Love, Your CC Blogger

Leap Frog Summer Camp:

Summer Reading Bingo Challenge for Kids. Get Your Kid Reading this Summer with these Free Printable Bingo Boards!:  I LOVE this! Each bingo will earn a prize!

Summer math camp parents can do at home with their kids. Fun way to battle the summer slide!:

Print ABCs Dashed Handwriting Practice Worksheet:                  Paragraph writing can be difficult for students. This post talks about my favorite paragraph writing activities and explains how Paragraph of the Week improved my students' writing. Love the writing prompts and writing rubrics!!!:  I will be doing these