Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Fool's!

We are rapidly approaching one of my favorite days of the year, April fool's day!! Its one of my favorites for two reasons, one: It's my little mans birthday meaning its the day I became a mommy! ( So obviously I love it) Two: Any day I can pull a practical joke on someone and get away with it is ALWAYS a good day! I know that some people weren't blessed with the ability to pull a joke from their ear so.. today I'm going to share some GREAT practical joke ideas that are sure to get you're office rolling and you're families having a great time! I wish this day could last forever or that we could have a fool's day once a month but... We cant so Ill get as many of these pranks in as I can in a 24 hour window! PLEASE share picture's, stories, or ideas of what you pulled on someone!

                          HAVE FUN!!!!
                                                                  Your CC Blogger

 Crazy Prank Ideas (14 Pics) | Vitamin-Ha www.vitamin-ha.com630 × 630Search by image Funny Prank Collection (51 Pranks):        Fun prank for friends and family. they do #1 or #2 and it flashes right back at them! but make sure you make the cling wrap very tight no wrinkles!!!:        April Fools prank:

 Some of these may end Messy?!


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's day!!! This day always leaves a bittersweet feeling in my family! Every year my kids think " We will catch that leprechaun for sure this year!" We still haven't caught him but boy did he do a number to our living room! I think our cute kids at school today got that same feeling as they searched our schools to see if anyone had caught him! From green breakfast to rainbow cupcakes and leprechaun traps we have seen it all today and I am so happy that I get to be a part of it every year! I hope you enjoy some of the pictures we were able to capture while watching our kiddos enjoy this super fun and exciting holiday!

                                                                     Love, Your Favorite Leprechaun
                                                                               AKA CC Blogger

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kindergarten LUV!

Hey hey everyone!!
So.. Spring is a pretty exciting time in our schools! We start enrolling for kindergarten!! Not only do we get new friends, but we get to watch the friends that we've watched since the toddler room prepare for kindergarten!!! Its usually SO fun!! This year is a little bitter sweet for me because my baby is one of the kids in our pre-k program that's getting ready for the big change! ( She couldn't be more excited!) As most of you may know kindergarten is not required in the state of Utah, actually its not required in most states! So as I see the signs at our center and the schools for kindergarten round up I start thinking.. If its not required, do parents know the importance of kindergarten? Well, just in case we are going to go over some reasons why its so crucial to have this year before they head to first grade! Hopefully weather your doing public school or our kindergarten program this will shed some light for ya! P.S We hope you come to our program!!!!

In our program your child will:

Learn the basics! This means they will learn the basics of reading, writing, and math. That way when they get to first grade they are prepared for what the teacher has to teach!

Learn how to socialize! This is a BIG one! In our program they will learn how to make new friends, share, and problem solve by using their words and not their hands or feet! They will develop the skills needed to socialize not only in small groups but larger ones as well!

Learn how a routine works! There is so much to learn in kindergarten! That means everyday they follow a schedule to help them stay on task and into the habit of sitting, listening and learning!

So maybe I'm a little biased towards our kindergarten program!! But.. I know both teachers personally and they are AMAZING at what they do! I've had 2 of my own kids graduate from our program and have moved on to do wonderfully in first grade! There are a ton more benefits to kindergarten then I have time to go over today, but I hope these few are enough to make your decision a little easier! And if you or someone you know is on the fence about kindergarten, I encourage you to do some research, talk to teachers and make the decision that best fits your little one!

                                                Love Your,
             CC Blogger