Friday, November 11, 2016

November Bucket List

Hey all! I was sitting here last night thinking about what I wanted to do with my kiddos this weekend when it hit me, we only have a few more good weather weekends to play, get stuff done, whatever. So.. Outside it is! I have made a list of some fun ideas of things to do with your fams, pick one or two and enjoy! P.S- We would LOVE to see pictures of your fun family outing! See ya Monday!
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1- So.. This one is indoors but.. buy the time everyone gets home from work its almost dark anyways so why not go watch the weber state men's basketball game tonight! Its a fun and cheap way to get out of the house with your family! The kids LOVE it and the team LOVES the support!
2- Go on a hike! Check out the leaves, find some rocks or pinecones. My littles LOVE to go and explore different places and you can get some pretty cute pictures! Here's a list of hikes in Ogden you could check out!


Birdsong Trail 
Ogden River Parkway

The 10 Best Fall Hiking Trails in the U.S.: Moderate                                                                            


3- This one isn't as fun but.. Sometimes that's the case! Do some yardwork. Pull weeds, Mow the lawn, Clean the garage or even put up some Christmas lights while its not snowing! At the end reward yourselves with a night by the fire. Make some hot dogs and roast some marshmallows.
Jumping in a pile of leaves! Fall isn't complete without doing this with the grandkids!!: 4- My kids FAVORITE fall activity... Jump in the leaves!! Its really two birds with one stones kind of a thing! You get your leaves raked up and your kids are happy! Now that is a double whammy!
Summer is THE perfect time for bonfires. Check out how to throw the best one yet!:

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