Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Hey guys! For some people November means a number of different things.. No shave November, Football, Food, Shopping etc.. For me it means most of those things and some! Above all it means gratitude. I know I should be grateful everyday,365 days a year but.. I'm not perfect so before the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I like to remind myself of everything and everyone I'm thankful for. Last year I tried to involve my family however I wasn't very committed which means I wasn't very successful. If you know me then you know that failing isn't an easy thing for me to handle. So.. this year I'm making a priority for my family to participate in the 30 days of November challenge. What that means is everyday whether it be morning or night I will sit down with my family and we will all take turns saying what we're grateful for. My hope at the end of this challenge is that my family can be humbled by how blessed we really are! I realize we are a few days into November, better late then never though right?! Now my challenge for my favorite families. In these next few weeks take a few minutes out of everyday to sit with your family. Talk about your days good or bad and before you finish take turns saying what your grateful for. Hopefully come thanksgiving we will have witnessed a change in the hearts and attitudes in our homes and we will be able to celebrate thanksgiving for what it really is. Here are a few ideas for the challenge, I hope you can find one that will work out for you and your family! Till next time...
                                               Love, Your CC Blogger

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